Monday, April 4, 2011

Hello from Kharbarovsk

Hey there everybody!

I can't believe it! I'm already going to be heading back to Korea this week! Crazy, right? Time seems to sure be flying by. This last week has been a good one full of street contacting and lots of prayer. I met some really cool people this past week. No one that was super interested in the message. But there were a few nice people who were fun to talk to and hopefully, they were touched in some way by the Spirit as we spoke with them. Thank you all for your prayers on my behalf. I feel as though I'm getting a little bit back in that groove. It takes a lot of work to find those who are interested and have been prepared by the Lord to hear our message,but it's certainly worth every bit. We met a really cool man named Sergei who had an enormous speech impediment. It was so intense at times that I could guess the word he wanted to say before he could get it all out. I couldn't imagine how aggravating that would be to have such an impediment. It drove me crazy the other day when I had to email the secretary over CES in Novosibirsk because typing in Russian isn't easy. All the keys are in a different order and are not placed according to corresponding sounds with English letters. I know apple computers can do that and it makes typing in Russian 100 times easier. It was as though I had all that I wanted to say up in my head and I just couldn't get it out onto the page. Gave me a new appreciation for the blessing of speech and knowing how to type in English. He was the last person that we talked to after contacting for a while. And it was really cool to see his countenance change from a little down (probably had a rough day based on his answer when I asked how he was doing) to excited to talk to us, Americans of all people. It's interesting how that works. Some people love talking to us just because of our nationality. Others, like a man named Victor, wanted very little to do with us and told us to leave Russians alone because we were American. We answered his concern by asking him a simple question. "Who was Christ? Where was He born?" He was Jewish. He wasn't born on Russian soil or off in the distant Americas. Yet, He died for all of us. Suffered for us so that we could have the opportunity to return to Him and the Father, independent of our nationality here while we live on the earth. We are all children of a Heavenly Father. Christ is our brother. We are family. It reminded me of our lineage and our potential. How awesome to know where we came from and where we're going.

I was saddened by the news of Great Grandma Smith and yet I rejoice to know that she is finally home. She has lived a wonderful, long life and I'm sure is happy to return back home and see her beloved after 27 years of separation. I wish I could have met Grandpa Smith. I've heard so much about him. I'm really grateful I had the opportunity to see great Grandma Smith before I left. I had a feeling I wouldn't see her again and while it's saddening to be separated and to know I won't get to see her again, my joy in knowing where she is erases any sadness. Love you grandma. :)

What else exciting has happened this past week? We had a great family home evening last Monday. The senior couple here in Khabarovsk invited us over to have burritos one day this past week and they were delicious!!! She made homemade salsa and it was awesome! They're from Arizona. Something about Arizona people and their amazing salsas...(I’m reminded of Sister Hansen's salsa. yummmmmm!) :) On the note of yummy food, I made pizza last night for dinner! It was great actually. And we have leftovers! I'm super excited to have more later today. I've really come to love cooking lately. Weird huh?

I've been working really hard to recognize the voice of the spirit lately. It's been a great learning adventure seeing how the Spirit works and learning how to better recognize His promptings. I know the Lord teaches us through His spirit and shows us great things pertaining to His will. He is the Master. He is the teacher. But He's more than a teacher. He is the healer. But he's more than a healer. He is our Savior. He is our Redeemer. Look to Him and you'll be blessed beyond your comprehension.

I love you all. So, I'm gonna try to buy some souvenirs if I can find any here in Khab. We'll see. If it works, I'll send some home from Korea this next week. If not, maybe next time. Remember to tell me if there's anything in particular you all want.

Love you! Stay safe! Can't wait to see conference next week!

Elder Bush