Monday, October 17, 2011

Another great General Conference

Well family,

It's great to be a member of our family. Really. Think about it... we all love each other. We get along (most of the time). We enjoy each other's company. It's great to be in such a family. It is a divine blessing from the Lord. Don't ever let yourself take that for granted.

This past week, like I said I would, I bought another shopka. It's black and super super nice fur. It's made from mink which is one of the nicest furs you can get a shopka made from. It was a little expensive but I bought one along with my companion, Elder Patterson and Elder Bell got a muskrat one. So, we'll all definitely stay warm this winter. 

The work has slowed down a little bit as of late. But we keep on working hard and trying to do our best. My favorite part of the past week was undoubtedly general conference. So many things were impressed upon my mind that it will probably take a few days of reviewing my notes to really recall everything I enjoyed. One thing stuck out to me from Elder Waddell's talk as he quoted President Monson who said something to the effect of, "Missionary work is one of the hardest labors in which we can endeavor." As I pondered on that, I had to agree and yet, I know that coming from the prophet, who I'm sure is a lot better at giving up of himself for others, does a lot more than what I or any other missionary is called to do. It truly is a demanding work but it prepares us so well for life ahead. I could think of no other thing I could possibly do right now that would be more worthwhile or important than a mission.

Elder Holland's talk in priesthood was outstanding. Very Elder Hollandish. And just what the priesthood holders of the church needed to hear. Elder Scott's talk helped me realize again that I really need to buckle down once again and memorize more scriptures. Not just so I can teach more effectively or know the scriptures better, but so I can enjoy the Spirit of the Holy word of God that He has blessed us with. Yesterday was a very hard day for me. Mostly because I was struggling inwardly in my attempt to do all the Lord requires of me and to be moldable. If that makes sense. As we spoke with people on the street between general conference sessions, I felt the Lord bless me with more love and desire to help the people amongst whom I serve. I looked into the eyes of a man named Sergei, who we often see near our apartment building, who was drunk and smoking a cigarette down the last bit he could. I looked into his eyes and knew he is a son of God, my brother, and I wanted so badly to help him overcome his addictions. It's hard for me to pass on my feelings in words but I want you to know that I know that our Heavenly Father loves each of us so much. More than we can understand.

This next week, President Pratt is coming for zone conference and we'll finally be meeting in our new building! Should be exciting and simply uplifting to see and learn from him and his wife. I've really come to love them too. I love all the missionaries that I'm serving with. They're great young men. Today, we're going to head off to see a datsan which is a Buddhist temple. Should be fun! I'll be sure to send pictures. Sorry that this email is so short. Promise to write more this next week. Remember that I love each of you a ton! Please tell Grandma Gee I love her! And Grandma and Grandpa Bush and Uncle Derek that I love them and have been thinking about them!

Elder Bush

p.s. There can be miracles. If you believe. It's all in the faith and acting diligently.