Monday, January 9, 2012

Working through illness

Hey there everyone!

I was glad to hear from the both of you and glad to know that all is well back home. I share your feelings, Dad. I've been down and out with a nasty little cold these last few days. It all started on Thursday, but we had some good plans set up so I shrugged it off and we kept working. I woke up Friday and was faced to battle the consequences, but I hadn't learned my lesson and we were out working that evening. The cold probably wasn't very good for me, and I paid for it on Saturday. It was awful being cooped up at our apartment, but I kept telling myself, it's better that I get better than make things worse. To my surprise, I still wasn't feeling better yesterday but worked through it because I couldn't take being inside anymore. I guess that was even the case on Saturday because I finally told Elder Steed, I've rested long enough. We've got to get out and at least talk to some people out there! Yesterday, we did meet a really cool guy on the street and hopefully, we'll be able to meet and help him understand more about our unique message. Don't worry, today I'm feeling loads better. Still not 100% but I'm getting there.

So, this past week, we had some great opportunities to see the hand of the Lord in the leadership of our mission. I've loved the opportunity to be an assistant because I have the chance to see and interact with President, Sister Pratt, and all the Zone Leaders. It really is a neat experience to be a part of the process to receive revelation from the Lord and carry out His desires for this part of His vineyard. Yesterday, during our Sunday school lesson, President Pratt made a comment that for whatever reason, really touched me and totally made sense. His comment pertained to how he had received a testimony or witness that the Book of Mormon is true. He mentioned that he couldn't remember a single moment in time or the first time for that matter when he prayed to know of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon. He simply said that he had had so many countless experiences over and over again that confirmed to him that the book is true. As I look back on it, I can remember times that I have knelt in prayer to ask Heavenly Father about the truthfulness of that book. And I remember the feelings I have felt and the thoughts that have entered my mind upon asking, which I know are answers from my Father in Heaven sent through His Spirit. Yet, I don't remember the first time I did that or a single moment when my conviction regarding the Book of Mormon became firm and unshakable. I've always been able to rely on the Spiritual promptings and feelings that have continually confirmed that little blue book is true. I know it is of God. I'm convinced that that is what our life is all about. The Lord intends for us to search Him, to come to know our Father in Heaven and His Only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ, whom He has sent and we must do so continually. By so doing, we receive spiritual witnesses that we are on the Lord's path. Not just a good path. But we're on His path. For He is a God of order. And with all of these spiritual witnesses, we continually and gradually become stronger and stronger in our conviction and desire to obtain life eternal. Perfection. To become like our Heavenly Father. It's a simple yet arduous process of enduring and continually nourishing the gospel seed planted in our hearts. A process intended to last all of our lives and on into eternity. It most certainly doesn't end with death.

We met with President before we held Zone Leaders' Council by Skype on Wednesday. I love the Spirit felt as we discuss the work of the Lord. It's always harder when we're in the field, in the moment, striving to bring to pass the desires and plans we discuss in meetings. But, that's where we grow. I love working with inspired leaders. Leaders who know how to love and yet don't mince words when needed.

This next week is Zone conferences here in the South in Vlad and then we'll be on Sakhalin for exchanges and off to Khabarovsk for Zone conference for the North zone. Should be fun. :)

Love you all a ton. Super glad things are well back home!

Elder Bush

P.S. The first picture is from our dinner last night. I was very excited to eat. And the 2nd one is showing one of the new bridges being built and the ice and ships sitting out in the bay. Yesterday, we saw a ton of people walking out of the ice and some crazy people swimming in a cut out section of ice water. Yeah, crazy.