Monday, July 12, 2010

The time is flying by!

Привет family!

As far as what we do... обычна (I think I spelled that right; means usually) we have lessons with less active or inactive members. We also have lessons with бабушкы that can't come to church. As far as how many lessons I've had with investigators... not too many. But hopefully, that will change soon. We have a huge area we cover now and more investigators now so we'll see how that changes. Yes, we do a lot of contacting, but there are lessons squeezed in there too. We try to space out our lessons enough that we have time to travel to and from lessons and contact on the way or stop by potential investigators or former investigators. Fun, fun, fun.

Well, this last week, I got to anoint for a blessing for the first time in Russian. Unfortunately, I didn't have it memorized yet. It will be next time. Баба Галя had fallen this last week and hurt her side so she asked us for a blessing. It was a very powerful blessing. I've never felt the spirit so strongly when giving a blessing. Elder Waltman said some amazing things that helped comfort her in more ways than just physically. It’s interesting to note how such awesome experiences can be followed by stupid opposition. Needless to say, some guy confronted us later in the day and was strongly opposed to us being here and told us to go back to America. I could have gone without that encounter.

Lately, I've really started to feel the ups and downs of serving a mission. Some days, I'm so excited to do the work and talk to people. Other days, I find myself struggling to push myself out the door or to turn and talk to the person sitting next to me on the bus. It's quite an emotional rollercoaster in a way that I've never really felt before. Before I forget, about the buses here... I don't think I've mentioned this but all the buses here are from Korea I'm pretty sure. Often times, there's Korean already written on stuff throughout the bus and Russian signs have been added to it. Oh and the streets! All the streets in downtown Vlad have been turned into one way streets. I assume that's to help with the traffic because it can get pretty bad. So we'll see if that helps. As a result though, there are a ton of traffic cops out monitoring traffic. They also monitor pedestrians crossing the street. We crossed the street this morning (where there used to be a cross walk; not any more) Luckily, the cop on the corner was busy writing a ticket for someone else and he didn't see us.

As far as Russian goes... Thank you so much for the prayers. It's certainly getting better, just taking time. At this point, I've come to be 'content' with not understanding everything and just realize that it will come with time.

Thank you all so much for your support. You have no idea how much that means to me. I pray for you all the time.

I love you all!
Elder Bush